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Learn a New Language, Own a New Career Option!

Learning something new is constantly excellent, in particular if it is from your interest. It is also challenging to master the art that you learn. It takes less time to learn new art when it is compared to gain proficiency on the same. Learning a new language is a fashion in our time, as things have been shifting towards a global understanding than keeping the learning atmosphere fixed to regional aspects. Multilingua is one among the Best Foreign Language Course Delhi providing admirable training on foreign languages like English, French, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Spanish and other major foreign languages.

Welcome to the Multilingua Institute of Foreign Languages

Multilingua Institute is a unique destination for you if you want to learn a new foreign language. English is an international language. Therefore, you are expected to know the language. The Best Foreign Language Course Delhi has made Multilingua known to the industry by introducing the required foreign languages ​​all over the world. Also, when you step into learning a new language, it shows that you are ready to open your mind to give yourself a new perspective and new possibilities.

Multilingua ensures that when you take a course in a foreign language, you will not only encounter the technical aspects of the language, such as grammar and pronunciation but also delve into other aspects such as the history of Language, its meaning and its place throughout the world. The Multilingua will ensure that it is a foreign language and will strive to provide it in its purest form. Therefore, we are famous for hosting one of the Best Foreign Language Institute in Delhi

Courses Offered

English Language Course

Don’t worry if you are not good at English and don’t know English. We can help you learn English with our guaranteed English learning programme. Join our Foreign Language course Delhi and fulfil your dream. A qualified trainer will provide you with the best tips and advice to improve your English speaking skills. They give you many examples. At the end of the course, you will be able to speak English fluently.

German Language Course

Students who want to continue studying in Germany will need to obtain a degree in German by the CEFR to enter the university. Our training program helps students prepare for the German language examination conducted by the Goethe-Institute (according to the guidelines of the CEFR). Our training program is devoted to the examination model used by the Goethe-Institute. We offer basic (A1 and A2), intermediate (B1 and B2) and advanced (C1 and C2) training. We have a strong track record of students who score well on the A1, A2, B1 & B2  German language tests.

French Language Course

Anyone who wants to travel to France for business, leisure or business trips must know a minimum level of French. Learning French is an added benefit if immigration to Canada is your lie. As the Best Foreign Language Institute in Delhi, we offer courses at a beginner level (A1 and A2), intermediate level (B1 and B2) and advanced level (C1 and C2). After completing these levels, you will be able to easily communicate with people and keep your daily life running smoothly. Our certified French instructors have a wealth of educational experience.

Spanish Language Course

Spanish is also a sought-after language today. You can also build your career in Spanish. We provide training for all levels, including levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Our Spanish speaking instructors are certified and have good experience. After completing these levels, you will be able to easily communicate with people in Spanish. So, If you want to learn Spanish Just get in touch with our Foreigh Language Course Delhi and get classes with experienced Spanish Language tearchers.

Chinese Language Course

The Chinese language course is organized in a systematic way and is more difficult to facilitate student progress. Our Chinese teachers go through all levels considering the different social situations that students may encounter and guarantee comfort in every scenario. Particular emphasis is placed on adopting correct word pronunciation and focusing on helping students integrate with their Chinese peers.

Japanese Language Course

Our Japanese Language training program will help you pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). We provide training at all levels of N5, N4, N3,N2 and N1. You can sign up for the levels mentioned here and get a lot of our foundation. Our instructors are excellent and have experience in Japanese language training. You would be able to speak Japanese in a short time.

IELTS Training

IDP (International Development Programme) offer two units for exam, general and academic. These two units contain four different levels, including listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Our talented instructors will teach you all the above units and levels. Our study materials also include prior year test papers to help you test your test preparation level. Additionally, the Mock tests are performed frequently during the course. We are also the Node partner with IDP for students registration. 

Why We Need Foreign Languages?

Foreign Languages Getting Popularized Due To Their Infinite Potential

There are so many well established multi-national companies which require best foreign language training institute for their expertise and transactions, reporting and translation of documents. In most of such organizations, knowledge of a foreign language is considered as an additional qualification.

  • Education & Learning Sector
  • IT & ITES
  • BPO / KPO Sector
  • IT & ITES Hospitality
  • Travel, Tourism & Airlines
  • Interpretation & Translation in Private & Government Sector
  • Export & Import Houses
  • Small / Large scale businesses involving international dealing
  • Diplomatic Services
  • Different Multinational Companies

A typical academic course is logically limited in scope. When learning a foreign language, multiple paths are unleashed inside and outside the scope of the application by opening communication channels.

Learning a foreign language with your own set of vocabulary and grammar literally pushes you out of your own language comfort zone. Once you learn the new rules of the game, success is only official.

It makes you stand out from your monolingual companion. Not surprisingly, indigenous linguists stood out from the crowd. If you know a foreign language, you should earn more brownie points.

The demand for foreign language translators, interpreters and trainers is currently increasing. In this era of globalization, foreign language professionals are in great demand. Each job portal always contains more than 30,000 classifieds in different foreign languages. Due to the large number of mergers and acquisitions worldwide, this number could double over the next decade. It’s easy to see professionals who can translate, interpret, and train in foreign languages.

Why Choose Us?

Research Based Study Material Exclusively For Different Levels, Learning With Visual Aids.

Flexible Timing Options, Special Weekend Batches & Short Duration Courses.

Highly Interactive & Motivational Sessions, Emphasis On Spoken Skills.