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French, one of the languages spoken in France. In addition to being extensively spoken in France, it is also a main or official language in portions of Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, most notably but not exclusively in Quebec, and parts of south-east Asia, especially in former French colonies. It is the second most extensively used foreign language in international communications, behind English, and is an official or primary second language in 55 nations throughout the world. French is a language that is spoken by close to 300 million people either natively or as a second language.

Why to learn French

Because French is a language that is widely spoken, some individuals prefer to study French. The rich literary, historical, and cultural traditions of the French-speaking world are enjoyed by others. Others merely fall in love. Here are a few useful benefits of learning French that you might not be aware of:

  1. A world language

On the five continents, more than 300 million people speak French. A global organization of nations that speak French, the OIF has 88 member States and governments. French is the fifth most spoken language in the world and the second most popular foreign language after English. Along with English, French is the only other language that is taught in every nation on earth. Nearly a million students take French classes at the largest international network of cultural institutions, which is run by France.

  1. A language for the international job market

Speaking French and English gives you a competitive edge on the global employment market. Study French allows one access to French businesses in France and other French-speaking countries. France is a crucial economic partner since it has one of the biggest economies in the world and is a popular place for international investment.

  1. The language of culture

Internationally, French is the language of theatre, music, visual arts, dance, and architecture. Great literary works, as well as movies and music, are available in the original French to those who are fluent in the language. Victor Hugo, Molière, Léopold Sendar Senghor, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alain Delon, and Zinedine Zidane were all fluent in French.


  1. A language for travel

More than 87 million tourists visit France each year, making it the top tourist destination in the world. The ability to communicate in basic French language makes travelling to Paris and all of France so much more fun and provides insights into French culture and way of life. When visiting French-speaking countries, knowing French is also helpful.

  1. A language for higher education

The French language learning and speaking increases one’s chances of attending prestigious French colleges and business schools, which are among the best universities in Europe and the entire globe.

  1. The other language of international relations

The International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the United Nations, and international courts all use French as a working language and as one of their official languages. The three cities that house the EU institutions—Strasbourg, Brussels, and Luxembourg—all speak French.

  1. A language that opens the world

Understanding French gives you access to a different point of view on the world. You can keep up with French leaders and thinkers throughout the world as well as news from the top French-language worldwide media (e.g., TV5Monde, France 24 and Radio France Internationale).

  1. A language that is fun to learn

French easy to learn language, can be learnt through many methods like French course, French learning course or online French classes which makes the learning easy and enjoyable.

  1. A language for learning other languages

Since a sizable portion of English vocabulary is derived from French, learning French language is an excellent foundation for learning other languages, notably Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian), as well as English.

  1. The language of love and reason

The joy of studying a lovely, rich, musical language—often referred to as the language of love—is the primary benefit of learning French. In addition, French is an analytical language that fosters critical thinking, a vital talent for talks and negotiations.


How to learn French language?

A person who wants to study French can try multiple options like they can join any language institute which offers French course at the institute or offers online French language course with proper guidance and tips. Some individuals prefer to learn French online free via different freely available French course online or video tutorials on the education sites of YouTube but this process takes a lot of time, preparation and practice. 

Multilingua Institute

Multilingua Institute, is a best language institute near Saket, Delhi which provides excellent job-oriented French classes according to the convenience of the individuals. The French course available at institute are curated are flexible to accommodate learners’ schedules, and we give each student individualized attention by providing the sessions in small batches and setting the times according to the learner’s convenience.

Your language proficiency, which is evaluated based on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities, is valued by Multilingua Institute. The levels in French classes at Multilingua Institute normally start with beginner, elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, and masters, which are designated by the letters A1 to C2. The classes at Multilingua Institute made learning French for beginners easy and enjoyable.

At Multilingua Institute, the online French language classes are also available for the working professionals who are not able to join the classes at institute because of their professional or personal commitments. These language course helps the individuals to learn French easily with proper guidance and tips. For the benefit of the working professionals, weekend classes with small batches are available, so that each one gets proper guidance and monitorization which makes the French for beginners interesting and easy to learn.

Why Multilingua Institute

There are multiple reasons to join the Multilingua Institute. Some of these are:

  1. Small batches
  2. Proper guidance and monetization
  3. Weekend classes
  4. Experienced Instructors
  5. Flexible timings
  6. Online French Course
  7. Job Oriented sessions
  8. Making French easy to learn


Finding work, money, a good reputation, an education, and other things is difficult in the modern, fiercely competitive world. To accomplish these goals successfully, people must put forth a lot of effort. Have you ever observed that even after having a decent degree, many people still struggle to find a suitable job? Why is this taking place? Why is this taking place? This occurs because of a language barrier.

Companies only seek candidates who can converse in multiple languages at once in today’s expanding global economy. Every business owner wants to take their company global and the need for employees who can conduct business internationally and handle foreign clients with the utmost respect is growing every day.

Using role-playing techniques, live chats, extensive use of aids, audio-visuals, and other contemporary resources, at Multilingua Institute, the foreign language courses emphasise improving conversational skills and other elements of foreign language acquisition.

Due to the numerous job opportunities in a foreign language, there are numerous advantages to learning French in India. Foreign or local, multilingua Institute individuals are more likely to find employment more quickly than others like they can become teacher in French or translators for the language.

Join today at the renowned Multilingua  French Language Institute in Delhi if you want to learn French with confidence. You can find this institute via google via searching French tuition near me, French classes near me or French tutor near me, suggesting the name of Multilingua because of being the best in Saket and Delhi.