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Learning something new is constantly excellent, in particular if it is from your interest. It is also challenging to master the art that you learn. It takes less time to learn new art when it is compared to gain proficiency on the same. Learning a new language is a fashion in our time, as things have been shifting towards a global understanding than keeping the learning atmosphere fixed to regional aspects. Multilingua is one among the Best Foreign Language Training Institute in Delhi providing admirable training on foreign languages like English, French, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Spanish and other major foreign languages


It is very helpful when you learn a foreign language. It is rewarding in several ways such as it brings self-improvement to the one learning a foreign language, and also increasing the career and professional opportunities. Multilingua is a Prominent Language School in India, in particular in Delhi NCR Region, providing high-quality foreign language training and in-house placement opportunities to the trainees across India as well as candidates from other countries. The foreign students can attend our online classes from any part of the world while there is a classroom and online training facilities are available for Indian students as well. Language, education, and age have no bar for the trainees in anyways. One may learn a foreign language anytime and in anywhere, we as renowned agency assist you to learn your favorite language with us. Learning a foreign language not only help you in your career growth but it also help in building yourself image and branding. Moreover, learning a foreign language at the present is considered a qualification and it enriches your CV while applying for any job of your desire. There are immense opportunities for those who have the ability of speaking multiple languages and they are given priority in the recruitment and selection of companies. Companies welcome employees who are multilingual and they are giving special attention to such employees in the organization. Companies are no more domestic and they need employees who can speak foreign languages in order to control their overseas operations successfully. Last but not the least, learning a foreign language is always useful irrespective of your occupation and the type of industry you work with.


The field is vast when it comes to opportunities and rewards. In each and every field, there are requirements for foreign language specialists. Be it any Language, if it is a major language and used worldwide, then the opportunities are endless. From IT to healthcare domains, from sales to human resources, retail industries, import and export, everywhere there is a need for language interpreters, translators, and transcriptionists. The world has been changed entirely since the introduction of IT. In this era of technological advancement, language should not be the barrier. People from different parts of the world have been working together and getting connected every now and then. There is a continuous interaction among people from different countries speaking different languages. Truly speaking, there are many small companies who cannot afford to hire interpreters and translators for their regular operations. But the mid-level and high-level organizations maintain the quality of their services to maintain the brand name. That is the reason; they hire foreign language specialists or outsource the transcription and translation task from some Language Translation Companies. So, when you become an expert foreign language translator, you get lucrative jobs in top-class multinational corporations. Furthermore, globalization has increased the presence of companies in the international markets and there is urgent need of language experts in order to build communication between home country and host country organizations. Multinational corporations operating overseas hire great number of language experts in order to cover their international clients and they maintain well specialized language experts to deal with different parties speaking different languages. Talking about India, there are many multinational corporations operating in the country and they hire language experts in order to run their business units in other countries online from India due to low cost of workforce available in India. These companies generate huge employment opportunities for those who speak foreign language. Finally, there are countless opportunities when you are a language expert at present time.


Multilingua is a renowned name in foreign language training, extraordinary translation and interpretation services in India especially in Delhi NCR. It has been into Training, Translation, Interpretation and Counseling for more than seven years. Multilingua is prominent when it comes to quality training, translation, interpretation and counseling. It has trained hundreds of trainees from different backgrounds and given them the best out of best in their career journey. Multilingua has helped many professional to excel in their professional life by joining our well designed courses. Multilingua offers short term, long term and even crash courses in different foreign languages and one may join our courses from anywhere at any time and we are open all seven days of the week from 8 am to 8 pm. Our courses are even offered with 100 percent scholarship and placement assurance. Multilingua has expert language professionals for each language and we also have native language specialists for the same. The trainers are multilingual and the entire organization works as a team of expert language specialists. Flexibility and placement assurance is another feature of Multilingua that makes us the pioneer in the market especially in Delhi NCR Region. The trainers are multilingual and the entire organization works as a team of expert language specialists. When you are a part of this excellent atmosphere, automatically the skills will start growing within yourself. You start avail to work under live environment from the initial days of training that will sharpen your skills and enhance the practical experience. Above all Multilingua is a renowned name in the field of translation, transcription, and interpretation. We have proved our sheer quality since our origin. As a service provider, we have proved supremacy in professionalism, perfection and on-time project submission. The charges are surprisingly reasonable as compared to the quality and level of services. When it is Multilingua, you can always expect the best quality delivery with complete perfection. Multilingua offers the following services at national and international level.

  1. Foreign Language Training with Certifications
  2. Foreign Language Training with Certifications
  3. Audio and Video Transcriptions
  4. Expert Language Interpreter Courses
  5. Expert Language Interpreter Courses
  6. IELTS Online Exam Booking Service
  7. Corporate Training and Workshops
  8. Personality Development Courses
  9. Public Speaking Classes in English Language
  10. CV and Resume Writing Services
  11. Counseling Services