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Chinese Speaking Course

The Chinese language is one of the oldest languages in the world, with a history that dates back thousands of years. It is spoken by over 1.2 billion people worldwide and is the official language of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Talking about the position of India in Chinese Language it is after 5 to 6 countries. There are several dialects of Chinese, but the most common one is Mandarin language.

Figure 1: Tis figure shows the figures of different language speakers across the world. According to this, Mandarin Chinese is the second most spoken language around the globe after English.

Source: Google

Chinese is a tonal language, which means that the pitch of your voice can affect the meaning of a word. There are four tones in Mandarin Chinese language: high, rising, falling rising, and falling. Each tone has a different pronunciation and can change the meaning of a word completely. For example, the word “ma” (mother) has different meanings depending on its tone: “mā” (to scold), “má” (hemp), “mǎ” (horse), and “mà” (to reprimand).

Chinese characters are also unique in that they are symbols rather than letters. There are over 50,000 characters in use today, but most speakers only know about 4,000-5,000 characters. The writing system is based on ideograms – each character represents an idea or concept.

Reasons to learn Chinese Language

Few individuals are fluent in eastern languages. Chinese language, by the way, has the most alphabets and characters of any language. There are career opportunities at foreign colleges, elementary and secondary schools, foreign trade institutions, and defense companies. Legal and medical transcribing work in Mandarin language has also created opportunities in BPOs. Companies like HP, Oracle, and GE are always on the lookout for Chinese language expertise.

Mandarin language is the world’s most frequently spoken native language. The twenty-first century belongs to China, and Mandarin language learning will enable you to compete effectively in the future global economy. People desire to learn Mandarin in India because of China’s increasing economy and reputation as a rising global superpower.

Some of the reasons which highlights why an individual should learn Mandarin Chinese are present in this figure shows below [Fig.2]

Ways to learn Chinese language.

A person who wants to learn Chinese has several possibilities, including enrolling in any language institution that provides Chinese language courses on-site or enrolling in an online Chinese language course with adequate supervision and advice. Some people prefer to study Chinese online for free through various publicly available Chinese courses online or video lessons on YouTube education sites, but this method requires a significant amount of time, preparation, and practice.

There are numerous language course providing institutes available across the world but the choice of best one for you which not only provide the best guidance but also located near to your location is a tough job. For this an individual can simply search it on Google by typing, “Chinese classes near me”.

Multilingua Institute

Multilingua is a top language institution near Saket, Delhi that offers outstanding job-oriented language learning courses at the students’ convenience. The Chinese language course provided at the institution are selected to be flexible to fit learners’ schedules, and we give each student customized attention by giving sessions in small batches and scheduling them at times convenient for the learner.

Online Chinese language learnings are also available at Multilingua for working professionals who are unable to attend classes at the institute due to professional or personal obligations. These language courses assist users in learning Chinese quickly and effortlessly by providing adequate assistance and recommendations. Weekend lessons with small batches are provided for the advantage of working professionals, ensuring that each student receives sufficient assistance and monitoring, making Chinese for beginners enjoyable and simple to learn.


China has grown into a massive market, and business executives are searching for personnel who can communicate in Mandarin and work well in a country’s cultural setting. It will play an important role in global politics in the future. There are several job prospects available after learning Mandarin. People and companies look for such persons who can translate Chinese language in English or Hindi which motivates the individuals to study in Chinese language so that they can read, write and speak it fluently. .

There are various advantages to studying Chinese in India due to the numerous work options in a foreign language. Foreign or local, multilingual persons are more likely to get jobs faster than others, such as becoming Chinese teachers or interpreters.

If you wish to learn Chinese with confidence, enroll today at the acclaimed Multilingua Institute spoken Chinese Language course. You may locate this institute by searching Google for Chinese language courses in Delhi or Saket.